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From these and other well known faces, it is hoped that the show can make an impression on a broader audience. Were trying to do something really new. For a show that will most likely be heavily marketed and promoted, youre not worried about your brand. Youre just hoping it doesnt suffer the same fate as The Big Bang Theory. The two of you are now in a business suit at the table that looks a lot like the one you wore to your meeting with your dad. Your dad is wearing a baseball cap with the slogan Make Like A Man. I think I know what your dad wears, you say. Kanye then says, That was good; youre good. The rest of the meal is mundane: You eat a lot of food, so youre not exactly hungry right now. Kanye, on the other hand, is trying to lose some weight. Hes been working out every day since getting back from LA. He doesnt say anything else to you, just eating as he normally does. After the meal you go back to discussing the show, which is going to begin at 10 PM Eastern time, as the world knows it, and air on several television networks. Kanye also brings up something he wants to cover. Kanye : If you do the show I think it will be interesting to get peoples attention. The first show I did was a radio show as well. Thats the thing about doing something thats out there and potentially going to get a reaction. I would think that people would see it as interesting to watch something off the beaten path. And to reach a wider audience, I think it would be interesting to reach out to a more mainstream audience. Back in the day, but you dont remember much about it except for the fact that it was terrible. As you watch Kanye and you sit down on a couch across from him. Kanye : I always wanted to do an all-music show. I want to try to create a vibe that we have music thats not always in the pop music world. I feel like people nowadays arent as aware of what some of the greats in music did years ago. I wanna bring it back with a little more of the history.

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