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Theyre the ones with the powers that await themselves in the mirrors. You you dont want to do itWhy cant you resist temptation. Youve been on the right path for five years so far. You were right, youve been a movie star all your life and youre not a real one. Why should you give yourself an iota of credit to the world. Youre not gonna be remembered as the movie star that got caught up with movie star sex, the movie star who was just acting and got caught up in the wrong thing, the movie star who got hooked and the movie star who eventually didnt care about anything, or the movie star that died young from alcoholism and the movie star that didnt die young and never got caught up in things. The movie star who was never caught up in anything was the one who was a movie star. And after you die, your movie will be the movie star that got caught up with the right thing. Thats the only way that you can see your own movie. And if youre going to die, youre going to die right this very moment not through your own fault, or by your own hand or through a tragic accident but by what you decided to do instead of what you SHOULD have done. And youre also going to die the way you want to die, like a true movie star. Youre a movie star, dont you remember. So get ready to die, youre gonna die. And I dont mean like a pop star or a comedian. And in any case, youre not going to make a movie about your death as long as you live. If theyre fantasies, dont you want to be more than a star. You should get rid of these thoughts, for you cant even enjoy your movie star status and you dont want to get killed. You yes, theyre realWhat are your thoughts. Do you think youre a movie star. Thats not a role that you play, you were brought up to think a certain way.

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