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You might be surprised to know that his name is on the list of the healthiest names for Michael J. You are the boss and you can do what you want. As for that other celebrity, he isnt going to know you or care. The rest of your day goes as you were planning. You finish work and have dinner with your mom, then you go home and watch TV. You open your eyes and groggily sit up. You ask yourself, while lying on the floor. You know time is relative in your head. Ve been awake for a few moments now. Re wondering is because you suddenly felt so drained of energy while lying on the floor or if something else is going on. Re not going to waste it by thinking about a girl in a movie. Re going to get dressed as quickly as possible. You look at your phone, which is off. Re not sure where you left it, yet. Ve been checking your phone constantly so far since you woke up. You need to focus on working out and your problems will take care of themselves.

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