Celebrities smoking cigars

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T give a shit, but as you look through the magazines, you look at the celebrities who appear to either be smoking or have other things going on in their lives. You guess you need a new hobby. But then again maybe you just need to get your mind off things a little more. You pull off one magazine as you look at it and you see one of those wanted posters of some guy. T quite place it at first, but then you think it might be one of those zombie movies or something. Looks like some kind of serial killer or something. You look at the magazine and the picture on the right looks a lot like you. T think about it before, but this makes a little more sense. You have a little more than a little curiosity now. You say while pointing to the picture in the magazine. S about fucking time I go back home. You pull the magazine out of your bag and slide it in front of you. This one looks like you in the wanted poster. Re standing alone in a room, with blood splattered all over the wall.

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