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Oh, you are pretty sure this is going to be worth an article all its worth is the first 25 or so words. You look around and you see no one else around and you feel like you should do something, but you just sit there for a moment wondering where on earth your life is at. Then, you remember a movie you saw a long time ago called The Breakfast Club. The main character, Lucas, went to a private school, which you went to too and he was teased and bullied because of it. The movie ended with Lucas turning to the gang and beating up some bully on his way home. The movie was about how he would do it again if necessary. This is the second time the government of India has used the NDA rule to seize foreign assets during one trip. In 2008, under the UPA regime, India had seized the US-based Vedanta-operated exploration and manufacturing companys assets. In that case, the NDA government has been more restrained, though it has raised some objections with the US administration which controls Vedanta and its parent company. As reported by Economic Times:The Indian government has requested the US government to put a hold on all future mineral exploration projects by a firm in the Vedanta group – including a proposed mine in Madhya Pradesh. 4 billion exploration project by the US Department of the Interior after a court ruling in January. A subsidiary, VVERA, is the one now facing the court order, which found that the company was failing to pay taxes on its profits from the KG Basin. As reported in this article, the US Department of the Interior has been trying to seize a number of mineral projects since 2010 under the foreign takeovers provision of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA. The Indian government has been seeking this section of the law removed from the US laws. This Indian request is not the first to seek a change in the law in this area.

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