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Endoftext The worlds top financial regulators have urged the British government not to leave the European Union, but said they would not be able to stop a Conservative pledge to leave the bloc. Said in a statement Monday that it remains confident that the British government will follow the most appropriate path to securing the nations interest. The statement was released ahead of a meeting with David Cameron on Wednesday. In a joint statement, the heads of the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the European Commission and Eurofin, the European banking authority, said Britain should heed the warnings of the experts gathered in Basel. Brexit would be a serious mistake and could have significant consequences for the British financial services industry and the economic growth and stability of the United Kingdom, the statement said. As indicated by the European Central Bank, there are many risks that will arise if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. As the leaders of the major international financial regulatory authorities, we are therefore concerned about the impact of a potential exiting from the European Union on the global financial system and on the stability of the British economy and financial sector. The group said it is alarmed by the rhetoric and statements made by the U. Government in the last few days in its campaign to remain in the European Union. It said the statement issued by the prime minister, calling for a new approach to open borders and an end to free movement of labor, is contrary to the spirit of the EU and will not be welcome in the rest of Europe, the group said. The FSB statement was issued as a warning to Cameron, with whom the group has worked for years to help regulate financial markets more effectively. Cameron has said he will hold an in-or-out referendum on the blocs continued existence by the end of 2017 if he is re-elected. The FSB board said it would keep close contacts with the U. On Monday, the ECB began the process of buying government bonds to bolster eurozone economies, but the central bank did not immediately provide details of how much money it planned to deploy and at what pace. The bank said it will take the necessary steps, without providing further details. If the outlook for growth and inflation does not improve further, we will adjust the stance of monetary policy accordingly, the ECB said in a statement. It did not say when the purchases would begin.

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