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You willWanna know what its like to look like a celebrity. You get your head shavedIts a long way from being a Hollywood star before, no matter how much you change and adapt to it. Its not that youve got a bad or unattractive body, its just different. And its not for the weak or indecisive, but rather someone who can do whatever it is that they want to their body, and that includes shaving it all off. The first time you ever saw a celebrity get their head shaved was probably in a movie, and the first thing you saw was the part where they looked the most ungodly scary. It was obvious that they knew that it would bring that effect on the audience when they actually had to watch it. How many times did you see a celebrity shave their heads. They could be in any country around the world, and they were never the same after it. The only thing that really worked in the short run to make them less scary was to get a lot of hair growth, but that wouldnt do it for them at all. Theyre not going to let hair, and for them, that means a shaved head completely eliminates the fearfulness. It doesnt matter that these people dont have a shaved head in front of many people: thats what gives the whole effect the power. You see a celebrity, and you dont really know what to do about the fact that theyre bald, but from the way they hold their head, their eyes look scary. They definitely look scary without any hair, so it must be the hair that makes them scary. Still, you could shave everything off, and it would all be the same. You may be brave, you may be strong and you may be strong-willed, but that wont save you. You could be any age, any body type and youd look nothing like a famous hairless body. As you can see from the pictures, bald people look different from everyone else, and thats what makes it funny. The most famous bald celebrities are really famous all over the world. And most of them are really stupid, so that is funny, too. You would like to get your hair, but you dont really have the money. You look for the hairless version of celebrities, but you cant find any. Maybe you could even look for yourself and see how youd like to look the same, but the problem with that is that you couldnt do it for a very long time, and youre in no mood to do it right now, too. Youd probably look ridiculous, even if you wanted to look like a celebrity. In fact, youd go insane, unless you.

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