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Uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel LiveWith all this nastiness in Washington we thought it might be nice to switch gears and focus on some nastiness. 3:12 Uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe Internet is both a wonderful and horrible place. A place where people go to share their love, and also their. 3:12 Uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel, LiveThe Internet, is both. :12:9, Uploaded, Jimmy Kimmel: Kimmel: Kimmel: Mean Tweets, Video Comments. You dont like itYou open the screen and see a bunch of comments about Jimmy Kimmel. He should go work at a doughnut stand. Youre not a woman hater, a third says. Im not a guy hater, a fourth says. Im not a white guy hater, a fifth says. You ignore all of these peopleFUCK YOUIm not a racist asshole. Stop putting words in my mouth, you say. At this point a new Twitter update comes up for you:FUCK YOUWhat the fuck is this. The meanest, ugliest, meanest trolls come up. FUCK YOUIm not a white supremacist, you say.

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