Celebrities react to inauguration

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You wish that you could curl up in a ball and stop thinking about it. T even go out the next day. If you even leave the house, you avoid it. T even feel confident that you can do it. T stop thinking about that day any longer. D be one of the first women in history to be elected President of the United States. T go back to being a little girl who thought that if she got elected, she could do something about the domestic violence that she had heard about. Perhaps it will even be possible to accomplish that which seemed impossible to you when you were in that situation ten years ago. Maybe, just maybe, you can make something of your life. Ve gotten away with in the past ten years. T let yourself think that this whole situation is going to be the end of it. Re not sure if you even want to do it. Re all in cahoots and are going to completely subvert the will of the people. Have you forgotten that the people who actually voted in the Presidential election were not happy about the results. Re only just now getting around to it.

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