Celebrities react to Derek Chauvin's sentencing

Two months after a jury found him guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the death of George Floyd, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison. During and after the sentencing, several celebrities and notable names weighed in. Cher, for instance, spoke of Chauvin’s mother addressing the court. “Understand Chauvin’s Mom Not Wanting Her Son 2 Be Gone, But GEORGE FLOYD’S MOM WILL ‘NEVER’ SEE HER SON AGAIN,” the singer wrote. “Chauvin’s Lawyer Said ‘If Only He Hadn’t Gone 2 Work That Day,Answered That call.’ I SAY ‘IF ONLY HE HADNT PUT HIS WEIGHT ON GEORGE’S NECK FOR 9 MINS.’  HE HAD 9 MINS 2 STOP.” Click through to see how others are feeling… 

“Derek Chauvin is a murderer. A murderer who watched multiple people plead for the life of the man he killed in broad daylight. A murderer who placed the full weight of his body on another human being’s neck and felt the life drain out of him. Derek Chauvin is a murderer.” –AVa Duvernay

“Sorry mama chauvin ,your son is NOT a good man.” –Rosanna Arquette

“Very disappointing. #ChauvinSentencing” –Van Jones

“A lengthy sentence will not serve Derek well” said Chauvin’s mother, Carolyn Pawlenty. How about the death sentence her son inflicted on George Floyd? How did that serve Mr Floyd? Carolyn Pawlenty expressed no remorse for her sons actions. #LikeMotherLikeSon” –Ellen BArkin

“22.5 years” –Billy Porter

“Bye Derek. F- you Derek.” –Dave Bautista

“22.5 years is not long enough.” –Alyssa Milano

“Of course, it’s not enough time. #GeorgeFloyd” —Kathy Griffin

“Zero remorse. Zero emotion. Deeply disturbing. This dude is ice cold.” –Joy Reid

“…but what has been done to stop the systems in place from having a tragedy like this happen again?”

“22 ½ years. K.” –Jeffrey Wright

“I want 40 years for Chauvin. George Floyd’s family already got a life sentence handed to them when Chauvin murdered him.” –George Takei

“Rot in jail you callous pr*ck.” –Piers Morgan

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