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While that was the situation, there were definitely some who were doing the opposite and making their voices heard. While you may like or even agree with many of the things these celebrities are saying, you really dont give a shit about politics. Most of what they have said and done this election cycle has been anti-Trump and the people supporting Donald Trump have the audacity to be acting like theyre the only ones with a set of principles that dont include being anti-American and that theyre not only right, but that theres more to life than America. To be quite honest, you were never really that worried about a Donald Trump presidency. You were more than willing to vote for him, because he seemed a little more legitimate than most others. He at least showed more restraint during the recent controversy surrounding his tweets. Now though, it seems like hes decided to change his stances on various issues. You have no idea what he stands for in the first place, so its kind of difficult to even take him seriously. You didnt think youd actually be watching this.

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