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Buzzfeed, on at 10:52am PSTThe US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to block the merger of the worlds largest video rental and online retailer with rival QuikTrip, which has been struggling to stay in business despite having been around since the 1950s. The deal would combine the countrys largest video rentals chain, Movielite, with the countrys largest video-on-demand platform, Redbox Instant. The government has substantial evidence of anti-competitive conduct by the QuikTrip and Movielite companies that makes this merger uneconomic, likely to lessen competition and to injure consumers, and not in the public interest, said Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer at a press conference at the Justice Department this morning. The DOJ alleges that the merger will allow the merged company to exploit the market power enjoyed by the current dominant incumbents at the expense of independent movie chains like Movielite and QuikTrip. Through these mergers, the QuikTrip and Movielite companies will be able increase their market share and thus their market power and they will be able to raise prices, make less investments in the technology that they use, and not devote the resources to promote the value of their services, thereby hurting consumers, Baer said. The Justice Department also alleges that the combined company will force its video rental and video on-demand services on competitors, while maintaining control over the prices it charges them. 7 billion bid from Dish Network in 2014, which was nixed by the Justice Department. Movil, the operator of Redbox Instant, has also been looking for a buyer. The company announced a deal with a consortium led by Dish earlier this year to sell its Redbox Instant subsidiary to a group of private equity firms led by Bain Capital, but no other buyers have been found to complete the deal. The DOJ said that the merger of the two dominant businesses in the industry would result in higher prices for consumers, as well as inefficient distribution routes and less effective competition in the marketplace that increases prices for consumers. 50 more for a rental in addition to its existing policies of keeping rent prices high. The DOJ alleges that the additional fee would disproportionately hurt the companies competitors. The DOJ also alleges that the merger undermines the competitive threat posed by.

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