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M trying to get back to the proper part of the Empire. S just hope no more death eaters get in our way. T want to spend all your time avoiding death. D rather not be anywhere near the Empire. Elam says taking his hand away from his sword. He continues as he takes his sword back from you. S the last thing I do before we go our separate ways. T think I can get through to someone else now. If there is something bad happening to Elam, I want you to be the one to survive it, because I feel I can sort out the problems with my powers alone and I can handle anything if I need to. Elam takes a deep breath before answering. S hand into yours and shake it as he leans in to kiss you. T try to touch me or kiss me without my permission. You say and then step back from the couple who begin to kiss again. Re not allowed to just go without permission, you know.

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