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But you cant just groom yourself toyour new name in theheart of the city. You cant let this chance tochange your nickname go,you think, as you pushthe button. You find the name Henry Charles in the pile of names that you were saving for tonight. You change your name to the name Henry Charles and hope it goes well for you. And in the few years that youve been a pop star, youve had many experiences with success and failure. One time in your twenties you were a struggling actress on the edge of bankruptcy. You were even getting ready to give up. On one of your last shows, in a dark and dingy underground concert room in a very run-down underground club, you performed a song just for you. You thought that if you didnt succeed here, then no one would. The song was a hit, and you were suddenly rich. It was only a matter of time before an agent saw the song you did. But the agents always turn meek and timid, so they never even sign you. You can do little about this, except try harder. And you try harder, just like the song said. Eventually, you go through many changes and changes of management, and you eventually get a big record company. But you lose a lot of weight and go back to your roots. But it never happens, because this is Los Angeles. You leave and never return to Los Angeles. Then you think, why even go back to Los Angeles. After years of trying to make music, and working out, and becoming lean and hungry, and trying to keep the money coming in, and you are too old and tired to go back to the city. Well, perhaps you did come back here to Los Angeles once. It probably was to pay a visit to a friend of yours named Henry Charles. But then you were already in your fifties, and you werent in any condition to sing.

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