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T have time to keep looking up the names. Like, the actual show, not the video game. Re going to have to just go through the motions. Show up, be quiet and look pretty like you always do. The stage lights dim a bit, and you see the giant stage with hundreds of black and white chairs and the stage door to the outside. S hard to make out every word, but you can see the lead singer. Pretty face, but you can still tell her features are broken and worn. Her hair is a messy black and white mess that reaches every part of her head except of the eyes. You can only guess its something the singer has done, but its hard to be sure. M so sorry about what happened last week. I had to leave, but I was so worried about you. You wonder if the singer is just having a mental breakdown. You have to be quiet, but you have to act natural. Re going to just be recognized, and you also want to look like a normal little girl. You ask hoping she just gave a response like that. You see nothing but confusion throughout her face. Her voice breaks and you see her stumble forward a bit and then collapse. Her eyes are still moving, but her vision is very blurry. You feel a pair of hands grab you and shove you into the crowd of chairs. You see a slimy hand touch your face. You stare into its black eyes until you feel a bite on your neck. You scream, but no one hears. You fall unconscious and your body is carried off stage by a band member. On the floor you see a band member looking down at you. You look down at your body with the band member hovering above you. Re stripped naked and they begin to wrap you up. You look at your arms, legs, chest and belly. You see black strings fastened around your wrists.

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