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Article about Celebrities and their pets

You cant Do That, There Is No Way To Make It SafeYou shake your head, you cant even bring yourself to look at a picture of Ariana and Miley, you arent sure what the hell is going on, but regardless, it isnt worth looking at or giving a fuck about, at least not at this point. You continue to stare at the screen, ignoring the images of celebrities that pop up. The screen fades to black, seemingly replaced by a new one. You feel the same way you did when you were twelve years old at the movie theater. You open up your laptop and begin to read your book that you were reading, but you dont notice anything different until you reach the end. You stare in disbelief, realizing that you are still connected to the network. You quickly turn the laptop on, as you dont know what to do. The screen of the laptops light shines on, showing an interface that has been copied over from the network. Im sorry to bother you, but whats your name. I live in the city, and after my house exploded, I called the police, they called me back, and then I got here almost a week after the incident occurred. Wheres your house, did you leave it. No, my house burnt down, but I live in this building. So do you live here with your boyfriend. I dont go out that much anymore except for my job, since my boss is a bitch. No, we split up when we went out together.

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