Celebrities leaving if trump wins

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You delete the tweetThere is a reason why you deleted your other tweets. And that reason is not because you want people to think badly about you in any way. It is because this sort of thing is not going to help save the Republic. The only people who are really going to care about this are the people that can do something about this with their own power. You need to go back to doing what youve been doing; trying to keep the people of this Republic safe from the Forces of Darkness. You make your way back to the apartment building to see if you can get some rest and try to put all this behind you. There is no one around, but nothing is stopping you from sleeping on the sidewalk. Or perhaps perhaps you should say there is someone around, but you have long since grown used to them. There are just too many of them these days. When you finally wake up, you find yourself sitting in a park bench. You dont think there is anything particularly wrong with that. But the thing that bothers you more than anything else is the fact that you hear voices, though they are not very strong. You dont know how long you were out, but you are finally able to remember everything that happened after you fell asleep. When you woke up, you found yourself in a dark room. You were sitting next to a large man with a mop of gray hair. He wore a dirty lab coat over some filthy undershirt and was clutching a large bottle of something in both hands. His hair was somewhat disheveled and his skin looked pale. Suddenly, he stopped talking and stared at you in puzzlement. Then, he began to speak as loud as he could from his position in the darkness. He then began to laugh and clap his hands together. He then looked at his watch, smiled and added, I thought I heard something about an hour. You cant just keep talking like that. I mean you didnt even get to see me get eaten or get devoured. Why should I give a shit what happens to you anyway. Well I did, and it seems like you were right anyway. Its time for me to move on, but I know you wont let me. You said as you made your way over to a bench nearby.

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