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Did the models have bra busts and were they all wearing a bra. When you think of the word glorification you probably think of priests standing before a small group of people and saying something very reverent, reverent and meaningful. And when you think of glorification you probably think of images of the dead man standing in a church. I can never quite get a hold on the concept. The thing is, I dont really have any desire to glorify anything. For instance, I dont really have a desire for you, and me, to glorify me. In fact I dont really have any desire to live at all. Excites me about life is the fact that it is an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. At the very heart of this endless cycle is the fact that I never cease to grow and evolve, and I see no reason why I should cease to do so. I mean Im not some sort of religious nut in the making, Im not some sort of god or anything like that. I can barely do anything in life to justify my existence, let alone to make anyone else think Im worthy of being a god or anything. I mean if what Im saying is true, why should I want to become a god. I mean if Im not a god, then what the hell do I even need a deity for. I could be a fucking vampire, a ghost, a werewolf, a were-zombie. The reason why I feel I have to become something, is because I feel a need to have a higher meaning in life other than existing for my own sake. And when something is given a higher meaning, it often becomes a cult to the point of being a religion. Ive never been a real fan of religions and cults, but Ive always found them interesting at least if they provide a sense of purpose or purposelessness.

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