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The man says handing you about twenty dollar bills. The man looks at you for a moment and then walks away. You watch as he tries to catch up to that truck that you saw in the street on your way in. Eventually the man in the fedora runs out of money and collapses. He lies on his stomach and begins to tremble and shake. Re starting to feel a little light headed. S like a fog is covering your vision, but you can still see quite a bit. You see several people, all similar to the one behind you, except from different angles. Re all in the same clothing, except without hats or coats. They look like soldiers, but of a different uniform. Ve gotten used to seeing on soldiers in the wasteland, not the ones that are always strapped to their faces like this. As you pass by a couple of them continue to stare at you. S got a strange looking hat on, but he might be a bit freaked out by all this. Before you can even react, a gunshot is heard followed by several screams. T you fucking move you fucking muttonhead. She shouts and shoots one of the soldiers in the head before opening fire on you. After shooting you five times, she calls for everyone to back off and then shoots herself in the.

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