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The Illuminati are the true evil in the world, the devil is just a man trying to use and deceive humanity, but the Illuminati are true demons who will do anything to take power. I dont believe the world will be saved, it is just a matter of time before the Illuminati conquer and control the whole world. In ancient times, the human race was not as technologically advanced as it is now. The Illuminati and their human creations make up their world in their own image. Humanity is the most beautiful and powerful race ever created. Not in the new man born of DNA and human minds. Only through the fusion of the two can there be true enlightenment. The Illuminati will never give up their power base in the United States. In this country they will never allow the people to rule themselves. They will use any means necessary to retain this power. Human beings have not yet learned to be free. Go out and live your life in a way that is worthy of life. If you have a conscience, let it guide and protect you. If not, then you are a human being who is not worthy of life. Posted by J at 10:53 AMIn the aftermath of Donald Trumps surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, conservatives have been quick to congratulate themselves. While they celebrated Trump as a beacon of the American Revolution, many have wondered if they should now focus their efforts on electing libertarian Gary Johnson or environmentalist Jill Stein. Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor and Republican, is a former two-term Republican governor who has a Libertarian brand. His policy priorities are very libertarian in nature; he supports legalizing all drugs and is pro-choice. Johnson says he is for tax cuts, free trade, and less interference in the economy. In a recent appearance on MSNBCs All In With Chris Hayes, Johnson was asked about Hillary Clintons record on foreign policy. However, Gary Johnsons record on foreign policy is much different than her. In fact, in his book A Nation of Tinfoils, Johnson makes a case against war. His views on international relations are very libertarian and he is not a fan of intervention. Gary Johnson has been criticized for not being a libertarian enough. While some see this as a weakness, the fact is, Gary Johnson is a true conservative.

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