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The one I gave you, the one the guard on the gate gave you. The old gate keeper shakes his head with a smile. T think our little walled community would need it more than it does right now. Ll be ready to go, well at least to go somewhere. You take the little key from him and open the gate. As soon as you step through, the town changes to a completely different color. You never noticed it so much before, but then maybe those were all those walls between you and the outside world. You just never had the opportunity to move on. You step in the bright light of the town and the sunlight hits your face. Ve only arrived in town for the first time today. You think back to when you were wandering the streets at night in the darkness. You used to always wonder why there was never a light to help you along. You walk along enjoying the bright lights and the bright colors of the town. A young woman with short brown hair and a bright yellow sun hat is pointing her finger in your face and pointing at another wall of the little town and smiling. No baby, your name is not what it used to be. You look a lot different than when I first woke up this morning to a very different world. So, have you been exploring the town and all. M just here to look for my sister. S the one that gave me all this trouble with my friend.

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