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There were several personae at the famous Golden Gate Bridge murder scene a couple of weeks ago, and a few months ago, a young fan in a t-shirt was chased through the streets by an entire army of Hollywood stars before he ran away a trifle terrified. San Francisco isnt actually Los Angeles because San Francisco hasnt had that much in the way of traffic problems like Los Angeles. San Francisco is actually San Francisco-San Francisco. Its a fairly uneventful city, except for the murder rate. People here are less predictable and less forthcoming with information. There is a lot of murder going on, in fact, that its actually more than most parts of the Bay Area, and it is apparently getting worse in San Francisco. The only good thing about San Francisco is its mild climate. You are here and visiting because of something you heard about in a book. You sit down on a bench and read a few pages from the book. Suddenly, you see the image of a naked blonde woman. You immediately start feeling a little sick, so you sit down and close the book. Suddenly, you hear a gunshot, then the sound of running footsteps on pavement, and finally a thump on the ground. You stand up and see several people running away from something that just shot a person in the front yard of a house. You watch a small figure get into an old red car parked in the street and drive away. After a few minutes, you walk towards the house and see a person lying on the sidewalk with several bullet holes in his body. You walk up to the house and knock on the door. After an older man opens the door, Mr. I heard about what happened in the news, and I was wondering if you could tell me more about yourself, You say. Its a little hard to talk about in the presence of a bunch of people, Mr. If its safe to do so, we might as well talk in the living room. We got a lot in common and we really want to know more about each other. If youre interested in me that much, I think we can start there.

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