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Dateline: America, Ma2F 2 0 0 2Kelsos mom, a woman named Sharon, is the head of the local Tea Party chapter. Kelso is a little on the thin side and his dad was a truck driver who died a year ago, but the pair of them always seemed to manage to make the best of a bad situation. After the incident, the town rallied around Kelso and his dad a bit, but Sharon and her dad have a reputation of being a little too rigid about the right way to live and that has led to some friction between them. I can help you, Sharon says, putting on a small display of flowers and a large wooden cross. I just want you to know that I am really proud of your son. I mean, he just found a way of not dying. All I do is talk on the phone and smoke a lot. Your dad was a truck driver, and you just saved my life. I dont understand what I am supposed to do with my life, he says. You dont understand how lucky you are to have your life in such a good position, Sharon says. Life is so much better than this shithole that you might be living in and now you could come out the other side with money. Youre just trying to sell me a cheap dream, Kelso says. I just want you to live a long time, Sharon says. What the hell were you thinking when you decided to become a Tea Partier. I had to, it kept me focused on what really matters. A life of living in a tent all by yourself and eating garbage. The kind of life that could really help me out. Im just saying that getting you out of here will help me out a lot, okay. He stares at her, then looks away. Just sitting here, talking to myself, smoking. I could get you out of here, but I dont have the money. You hang up and start to wonder if you should just go ahead and make this deal with Sharon, but.

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