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As far as being a politician, I think the people with the most power are the people with their feet on the ground. Thats whos going to be making the hard decisions. Now Im not saying you should be going around going back and forth between two sides. What Im saying is we need to start thinking more like a team rather than two different ideologies. We need to start thinking like a team so we can get the results we want. Like I said, this is one of the main reasons why I run for office. The other reason is to help out those I can on the Council. Im willing to help out anyone, but I would rather help out people who have more experience in their fields and have an understanding of the issues were trying to solve rather than us being a bunch of kids in a candy store. Do what you want with that information, but Ill leave it up to you how you use it. I dont know how youre going to react, but I need to make things more personal with my approach. I could, for instance, ask you a couple of questions about yourself to see if youre a racist. No, Ill ask you questions about politics. I didnt ask your family, I asked me this. If you had to choose, would you rather be a normal person or would you rather be a superhero. If youre a superhero, I imagine you could explain to me a little more about your powers. Alright, now Im just going to call on your bad side and kick it. So youre just going to kick it then. Let me guess, you have the power to turn people into bad things. I just make them feel bad for a little bit. Did you enjoy being bad yesterday.

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