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About the BookThis book contains the first public version of my work on the origins of Western civilization and how it developed its characteristics of reason, science, reasonableness, rationalism, and ultimately, the scientific method. My work is based around a thesis that began as a students thesis at the University of Leipzig in Germany in 1950. I was then an undergraduate and later an assistant professor in the history department. I have attempted to reconstruct the original source of this work by reading all the available primary sources in German, Italian, Polish, and English. I have also used modern translations of the authors whose work I have used as sources. My research has led me to conclude that Western Civilization did not develop by chance but was the result of a long series of human choices and the process of natural selection. I will also attempt to explain why I believe this to be the case in briefer form as well as giving an account of the philosophical or scientific basis to my work. I am convinced that my work provides a solid foundation on which to build the idea that the original founders of Western civilization were motivated solely by a desire for a life of reason, freedom, and reasonableness. I believe that an understanding of the scientific method can provide a strong defense to those who believe that religion is needed in order to make society more rational and to protect it against irrationality. Although I recognize that my work is not likely to be universally accepted by all readers and that my work has many detractors, I invite all readers to see the ideas and arguments for a freer society that are based on sound logic. A society that is less likely to be ruled by a small group of religious or political extremists willing to use violent means to achieve their goals. All my work is based on the scientific method and is backed up by a vast number of secondary sources and sources that have not been used in my work. I thank all those who have helped me write my book. Without your support the ideas in this book would not have been possible. SkiTheres no doubt that the Wii U is going to be a very popular console, but I dont think any of us expected it to go this far by a longshot. Nintendo has once again done an excellent job of keeping the hardware budget down and this time theyve got a hit on their hands.

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