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The Big Apple, New York, United States is the city of celebrities. The Big Apple is the city of stars and the New York City skyline is home to at least nine famous buildings, among them: One World Trade Center; the Citicorp Center; the Chrysler Building; the Chrysler Building of the World Trade Center; the United Nations headquarters; the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; the New-York Historical Society; the United Nations General Assembly Hall; the United Nations headquarters; and the United Nations headquarters building. The city is also home to more than 1,200 buildings with a total of over 8. New York City is also home to the Statue of Liberty, which was erected in 1886. 1 million matching grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPAThe program comes at a time when concerns are rising about the future impact of AI. Elon Musk recently warned about a possible arms race and said that companies should not be allowed to sell AI technology to governments in countries that are developing their own AI programs. Musk also said that he could build himself a spaceship to leave Earth. The program for the DARPA grant is designed to support research into Theoretical and Applied Foundations of Deep Learning. So far, that sounds pretty like teaching computers to think like humans. In a statement, the White House says that the program is meant to help develop the technology to enhance and make more accessible the capabilities of current artificial intelligence systems. There are a few big questions to be answered about this grant. Its not hard to imagine that teaching machines to learn like humans could be pretty useful in the real world. However, the idea of teaching computers to think like humans is a bit unsettling to a lot of people. Theres also a question of the impact such a technology would have on privacy and freedom. In the United States, companies like Facebook and Google are already in the process of monitoring and tracking your activities. Perhaps no technology is more controversial than AI. There is a great deal of concern that AI could lead to a new world where machines are smarter than humans and are in some way superior. In order to prevent that from happening, various groups have been working to restrict or prevent the development of a super smart computer. One concern that people have is that AI might lead to machines that think more like humans, and humans might have little control over how those machines function. Its not clear yet how effective the DARPA grant will be in helping the United States advance this technology. The grant comes at a time when technology is increasingly being used.

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