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A couple days pass and you go to work in relative anonymity. Re both still in the process of dealing with their own issues. They just got their shit together again after a couple of days in jail. All you know is he likes to get fucked up like the rest of them do. S been going on for the past few days and the news coverage you see a familiar face on the news. S none other than Linda from the last time you were at the mall. Re going to let some psycho get in your car and go off like that time. S enough time for her to be on your tail before you reach your destination. Luckily she did make it in front of you this time. Re a man of means and I get the impression you could easily hire a private eye to look into this whole mess. He says as he gets out of the car. Oh and I would if I could, but you know what your options are. You say as you stop and put your hands up to him. S moving out in a couple days, and while I know you.

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