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I reckon he might be A visitor that is there now. I bet hes going to run into those damn hippies, theyve got a new place by now. So, who are these celebrity folks I see on a regular basis. They are:A little boy riding a bike, I never really noticed him before, but once I saw him on a bike I did notice, Some sort of guy with a backpack who looks like he is on a cross country journey but isnt really making a lot of progressA woman with a camera who has a goofy expression on her faceA girl who looks like she is probably a waitress or similar type of employeeAnd this last one might be a tourist, the man and the waitress dont seem to notice him. So the celebrity folks are still on Maui, and they are here to stay. You see if you can find anything out about this AvisYou walk out into the desert in search of the man you saw on the bike. After a few minutes of searching, you come across a woman holding up her hand and stopping you. Oh, my little dog has run out of gas, he is so hungry. Can you get him a couple of cans of food, and maybe a stick of buttery roll. Sure, hes a little crazy, but I have to give him that last bit in some kindness. You head back to the car and leave her with a few snacks, a small plastic water bottle and a bag of small snacks you found. You also have to drive back to my house and get everything I have in the garage. It doesnt take long and youre back on your way. When you get to my house, you give me a little wave and a Bye, then you walk back inside your home and close the door. You say to yourself as you head into your living room. You sit down in the sofa in the living area, which has a DVD playing on the TV. Youve actually been wanting to do that, until you thought about what you have to do. You look at the TV and see something about some sort of man running away from some sort of police officers. M serious, the guy looks kind of fucked up.

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