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If anyone has any suggestions for other topics, feel free to talk about them on the forum topic, or just leave a message here and I will see what I can do. You wake and wonder if you should keep quiet or ask more questions. You look at your alarm clock and see that it is well after midnight so you decide to speak. You are not sure if everything that happened in heaven was real or if you just imagined some strange dreams. So I have a question, what was the last book you read. A voice from a speaker says, Good question, that is very touching of you. There were four of us when we started. Now that we are all souls here our conversations are much different. The first time that we met we were all in the same place, on the same planet. We were all a little scared and confused at the time. We knew nothing of our purpose but we had some questions. Our questions eventually turned to hopes that one day we would be answered. Eventually we realized that we could not be any closer to one another but still wondered where our hosts were. We tried to reach them many times but we could not understand why they were not answering our questions. There were many theories but none could accurately explain how they could understand us. Eventually our curiosity drove us crazy. We found ourselves trying to reach them through every method possible. I remember we were all standing on a hill and a light suddenly passed between us. We started to wonder if we had been seeing things. We were all scared and confused and started running. There was a small river flowing by and we decided to cross it. Suddenly we found ourselves in a forest and it looked exactly like one that we had visited on our world. We could not find our hosts any further. We could not understand why or how it had happened, but that was before the light to guide us. We could now understand each other and we could tell you how we felt. Each of us was filled with joy as we told ourselves that we would continue to find our hosts. You do not know what else to ask. John, I dont have any family, I only have myself. He picks a small black rock out of the ground and examines it, What did you call it. You a small black rockA small black rock.

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