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Gee, I just realized that this is just like the old days when celebrities used to do this in the movies. We even had some of those old movies like The Monkees, Mr. I suppose in some ways thats also kind of like how I was feeling back then. The fact is that everyones got their own way of feeling and thinking. People feel better about themselves when they think positive things about something. When something goes wrong, people tend to think about all the bad thats happened rather than look at their positive side. -Yeah, thats probably the wrong way of thinking about things. But if you need to think positive, think about all the good thats going on right now. Look at the food Im about to eat, or the people Im about to meet. I know how to survive in this world, and Im going to try my best to do it until theres nothing left. -You know, I dont see YOU doing that. You think the good is going to eventually take over. Theres still a long, long, long way to go. Even with all the stuff you just said. Im starting to think this worlds ending today. -, Sigh, Im sorry, but its just been too much for me to think about, you know. I can see the way this world is ending and thats what I want to talk about, not the future of my own life. You spend your whole day at the farm. Youre just as likely to find yourself on a tractor as you were back at school. You dont do too badly, but your concentration is constantly being grabbed and grabbed. Your hands are grabbed every couple of minutes, and youre reminded that no matter how strong or quick you are, there are millions of others living in this world just like you. Youve noticed that you havent ever felt afraid that you might be lonely and alone, but in fact youve never even seen a human being that was lonely. You can only assume that everyone youve ever met has had loved ones or a.

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