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These reporters have been going around to ask these celebrities about their experiences so that we can all learn more about these people. Oddly enough, you could make a fairly good point. Glenn Beck made a pretty good point after he was sober for almost a year. People are generally more willing to listen when youre telling them the truth. You try to give the alcoholics an outlet for their angerIts a shame, really. I always thought AA was the place for people who are willing to admit they have a problem. What difference does it make that youre a professional alcoholic. It makes a difference that Im not the only one. Are you here to tell me you made a deal with the devil. Im here to tell you that youve been doing a poor job in raising awareness of the issue. You were a professional alcoholic, and you continue to be one. You and your ilk need to be removed from every aspect of society until the plague dies out completely. Youre met with the same response you got from the drunken woman at the pub. You need to stop being so negative. You need to take up something else. In any case, you need to stop being so negative. Youre just as bad as those drunk people, all youre trying to do is make an excuse for your problem. Youve created these negative associations in your mind, and now you need to stop dwelling on them and take a step back. If you would just relax, we can go over all the good things about you and how AA could use you. Youd be such a great addition to our mission of helping everyone stop drinking. You could do it so well, that nobody could stop you. You continueWere going to try to talk you out of that idea, but I cant talk you out of this. Yeah, because Im going to be living here and Id like to have a little more control over how its run. If you still want to move in, you can, but.

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