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Ve been sitting for quite some time. The sun has risen, its light bathing your face. S time to leave, you thought as you start to leave the dark corner into which youve been drawn. But suddenly a figure stands in front of you holding a large dagger. In the moment when the man was about to lunge at you, a shadow appeared and took his dagger from his hand. The man now stands before you with his hands raised in surrender. You ask, trying to stay calm, but there is no way you can be so calm. T appreciate your help right now. I still think you should help me. The woman is now standing by the door with her pistol in her hand. If you help me, then I can do something about the guy coming back here in the morning. Ve actually been trying to get out of this place. Re going to have to give me something in return. T look too happy about this offer, but when she looks at you, you can see.

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