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The first famous person to come from Washington State was a man by the name of James Smith Johnson, better known as Chief Seattle or simply as Captain Bligh. The first famous person to come from Washington State to California was an Irish-American by the name of Patrick Breen. Like Smith Johnson, he settled in San Francisco and in time wrote his memoirs which served as the foundation material of the modern history of the city. Captain Breen was in San Francisco from 1790 to 1809. The next famous persons to come from Washington State were two other British-Canadian immigrants by the names of Samuel de Champlain and Thomas Moore from the island of Vancouver. In addition, several British-American settlers in Canada were very eager to immigrate to the United States and a few of them managed to get there successfully. In the early 19th century there were about 20,000 people from British Canada living in the United States. The third famous person whose birthplace was in Washington State was Thomas Edison. He actually didnt come to the United States until 1885 and he didnt even arrive in California until 1888. Although Edison was born in New Jersey, he moved to New Jersey in 1877 and was still called Edison, pronounced Eh-Zee-ah, by his friends and family. His first step in the United States was to live in New York, where he lived for a few years until he moved on to California. There are two famous people whose birthplace was not in Washington State. The first one is Walt Disney who was born on Octoin California. In addition, his famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and the rest all hail from California. The second famous person whose birthplace was not in Washington State was Albert Einstein. Despite being from Germany, he was very fond of calling himself an indian and called his ancestors in Central America the pigeons of our souls which, of course, is a really racist comment. A bit of trivia about the most famous persons in Washington State. Department of Justice has concluded its investigation into allegations that the Garda Siochana are involved in the corrupt payment of public prosecutors. A report from the DOJs office of the Special Counsel concludes that the two main suspects in the money-laundering trial, the former Garda commissioner Martin Callinan and the former chief superintendent David Taylor, must be charged with offenses. According to the sources, the report found that Callinan and Taylor did not pay for the legal services directly but through a third party.

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