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You think that it probably would be a good idea to stay here and practice your speaking skills, as youd have to keep this up if you were actually going to get a job and move away with your brother. The next day you arrive at The Bronx Community ReStore and pick out some clothes for your brother. The clothes are very cheap, and very dirty, in a way that youre only used to buying in the slums, but this is exactly why youve been saving up your money. You feel like you really should be living in a dump like this, but youve decided that you have to keep a low profile until you know how to make a living. The idea of being famous is just too much. The next day you buy some more clothes and find a place to sleep under a public transportation shelter just as the sun is beginning to rise. After putting on clean clothes and making sure you dont get too cold, you head back to the store. You know you cant stay here anymore, and you dont know why you bother trying to earn some money here when there are so many people more qualified to do it. You want to stay at home where you belong. You leave The BronxYoure tired of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Youve lived a sheltered life, spending all your life just managing to make it through college and getting a job that you hate. Why would you move to the Big Apple, where everything is so crowded. Youve saved your money and bought plane tickets to leave. You really dont want to leave, but there is a part of you that wants to see how far you can get with your newfound skills. You leave The BronxYou pack a few clothes in a bag and take a cab to the train station. The train to New York is probably the closest youll get to your dreams of being famous and living an exciting life. Youve tried to impress you with your singing, but no one has ever cared about it until now. You hop off the train in front of a crowd and try to look confident. You singingYour eyes meet with the eyes of a man in the crowd. You smile at him as you begin to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I dont know where Im going,I just know I want something,Its just so hard to find,Im going somewhere over the rainbow. You continue to sing as the crowd joins in the chorus of your song. As you sing, you notice a large man in a suit.

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