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And your company has been a welcome addition, especially those of you from Latin American countries. Your captain has informed you that a small group of survivors have been located under the docks, and are willing to board the Riptide in exchange for safe refuge. In exchange for safe passage, these people claim to have information about the whereabouts of the GZS colony at Mu. Re not exactly eager to abandon those you care about; but on the other hand, what good is it to you if the Riptide gets shipwrecked. T heard: the government of Mu has declared a state of emergency. Terrorists have taken control of the place and are executing everyone in sight. Apparently the terrorist leader, a former colonel with the GZS has declared himself dictator and is calling for all dissidents to be put to death. Re now the only major force working to turn back the terrorists. Ve managed to get some information about the terrorists from some of the people who have managed to escape from the prison. Ve also been sending others to board the Nostromo. Seems like the only ones who can help now are the ones you left on the Nostromo to begin with. You report to your peopleYou decide to go see what these new arrivals from Mu have to say first before deciding who to trust. You board the shuttle, This is definitely the best decision of your life, and soon reach your destination: the outskirts of the city of Mu. Re not even the first one to have arrived on this world.

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