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One of a number of lists of famous people from here. Some are the Seattleites, but there are also some from other locations including:Canada, where one can get a famous person from here with a big fat from TorontoRussia, where one can get a famous person from here with a big fat from MoscowThe list may be incomplete. If you know of a famous person from here, please post a comment. If you know of a famous person from Seattle, or Washington State in general, please add it to the list. And if you find that a famous person from here is not really famous in your state, please leave a comment noting why not and whether you think the Seattleite should be or not. The Stranger Editorial BoardThe editorial board of the Stranger was founded by former Seattle Times executive editor, Jim Brunner, in 1991 as a weekly alternative to Seattle Weekly. In April 1986, the newspaper was acquired by Seattle Times owner, Katherine Heins, and has been published by the company since 1991. The Stranger is a left-leaning alternative newspaper that often criticizes the citys establishment, but has been known to give prominent mainstream figures like Mayor Ed Murray a more sympathetic ear. However, it has not always been the most friendly toward Seattle-ites. In 2015, it ran an article accusing local Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, of being a liberal due to Wilson voting in favor of raising the minimum wage in 2013. Wilson was later contacted by the paper, and the writer, Ben Joravsky, apologized on the papers behalf. Mary-Alice CoopsMary-Alice Coops is a former Seattle Times reporter who writes the weekly column, Off the Beat, where she reviews local events, places and people. She covered Seattle City Hall during the 2011 public-union strike and was part of the team of Times reporters who broke the story that led to Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawants election to Seattle City Council in 2013. She attended the University of Washington and earned a Masters in Political Science with a focus on public administration at the University of Washington. Joe WertzJoe Wertz, a Seattle reporter for the Seattle Times and the owner of Joe Wertz and Associates. Joe is a Seattle native who grew up in Shoreline. He and his late brother Tom worked together at the paper before he got the Seattle Times job and he and Tom helped build The Stranger from a two-person shop to a small newspaper.

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