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M not here to make trouble and be a pain in the ass. I just really do want to make sure I know who is going to be running things. And the more time you know them, the faster you can get them up to speed and get some good people in. M able to do what needs to be done and get the job done.

What kind of house did you have back in the 70s. A four-bedroom house with a big backyard in a quiet neighborhood in Pittsburgh. And when I was in my early teens, we sold the house. I couldnt afford the mortgage anymore, and we sold the home. We all know Boston is known as the birthplace of hip-hop and of hip-hop music. And what is hip-hop without music artists, singers and musicians. And I was one of the first African-American female music teachers in New England. And I taught music at various places in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I taught, you know, music theory and music theory. My mother was a domestic whose marriage was not recognized in the eyes of the law. It, it was just terrible, I dont want to say a prison, but a, you know, a bleak place. Now, Im in Los Angeles, its a better world for me now. Forgot every ounce of my ability to have real friendships again. The one thing I did relearn was I became a musician. And I started playing music that I wrote for myself, because I wanted to have a life.

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