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As an aside, I think I should explain something about the The Champions are speaking. It might be time to update your website, because they cant all be winners Im going to be honest and say that I do not know anything about The Champions. I might be way off track with what you think these people are like. You know what I mean, Anyway, the Champions arent really athletes, they are very much like celebrities except that they dont go on the stage and act like the other ones. They do more than that, some can do multiple things. I guess that makes them more of a general type of celebrity since the stage is only one part of their whole fame. If that is even a correct description, What makes them so special is that they are people who can entertain thousands of people and not necessarily with their physical skills, they have many other things that they do to bring in people like you and me. You dont hire them as a speakersSo now your website has gone through some changes. Your page no longer says The Champions are speaking now it says Celebrities for a Great Selection of High Quality, Celebrity Speakers. However, you couldve decided that you just didnt want to deal with dealing with these celebrities anymore and had the banner taken down or you couldve put up an apology for them to continue speaking to you. The point is, you went with the low cost option and youll probably have to deal with these celebrities in the future. You deal with themYou just wanted to get your website up and running, your money was good and since it was.

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