Celebrities Drive In Cars More Expensive Than Your House…

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The rest of the world, and the rest of the people on Earth, gots to learn to drive properly. You: Hey, this Jimmy Fallon asshole has driven a cheap car before. Jimmy:, giggling, Did your friend do this to make fun of me. You: What do the rest of these people drive. Jimmy: Oh, they got their license on that thing. You mean not just anyone can get a license to drive a car in this country. Jimmy: No, but were gonna be able to get a lot of them, and thats what were gonna do. You want me to go get the license now so I can get all your friends a license. Jimmy: Oh, well I gots to do it myself, huh. Well I might have to, cause I cant tell you how to do it. So you better go put on your seatbelt or your arms might get chopped off. You go to the liquor storeYou think you know a lot about the license process. Jimmy: Okay, Ill get you a license for free, I mean, a lot of free. So you have no choice but to agree to Jimmys proposal. Look at that, he wasnt even paying attention to the road. You go to your room, throw on the new black dress and head outside. Well I got the license for all your friends. You can drive them right now. The rest of your friends are a bit reluctant, but Jimmy gets a license for you and yours. I told you he was great at getting free stuff. And dont worry about how youre driving, youre not a bad driver. Your friends and family all give you high ratings. Jimmy: Wow, so what do we do. You: Well, I think we can all use some extra cash for supplies, so Im thinking we could just run the truck down here from the party. My mom said she wanted to help me out because I looked so young. I mean I just turned seventeen last night. Jimmy:, giggling, I see youve gotten a little tipsy.

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