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Martin Sheans own project, The Martian came about when he was visiting his family in Dayton, OH. A bit of research, led to the discovery on the Internet:Martin Sheanss Family, and the Dayton Ohio Area:In the film, I cant find the trailer, it says Martin Shean Sr. The ActorsMartin Sheans father was the owner of the Dayton-based Shean Rubber Co. He was a successful inventor and inventor of the Shean Roller, a popular device for rolling and lifting heavy items. He was a big Hollywood fan and was a huge fan of 1951, the original film, so he was just really into it and wanted to make the film in the 1950s. The Dayton Area may actually have something to do with Martin Shean Sr. He was a grad student in Chemistry at the University of Dayton and took classes at both Kent State University and the Dayton Institute of Technology. His specialty was in the area of pharmaceutical chemistry, and he received his master of science degree in chemical engineering from the same institution. He was a student member of the Chemistry Department at the University of Dayton for over 20 years. Says his fathers interest in chemistry was inspired by his grandfather, a chemist. The Martin Sheans own home in Dayton:RADIO SHOW REVIEWS:.

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