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The Obama campaign and the mainstream media have been engaged in a massive act of deception this week. The mainstream media has been promoting a fake video in which George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in Florida, brags that he gets away with murder because he is a good shot and that Trayvon Martin was talking all fucking day. This latest round of media disinformation is completely false. He never said the things the media is reporting. This is what he actually said:I heard the guy next door, he said he saw a guy with a ski mask and a long shirt. I said: He looks like a suspicious guy. S running out the door with his hands up. T know if he had a gun or not. The mainstream media wants you to believe Zimmerman is some sort of racist who was out for vigilante justice. Zimmerman filed a police report, but his neighbor made up a story to get the police to take another look at the situation. When Zimmerman arrived at the police station, he was asked to sign a form stating that he was not involved in the fight. The police determined that Martin might have been the aggressor in the altercation, but Zimmerman felt he was attacked in his own home and shot him self-defense. And while this does not mean Zimmerman is a hero to every individual, there is no question that, like the rest of the American people, he is not a racist. Even Fox News is reporting it was a tragic misunderstanding and that Zimmerman has not been charged. What has been spun in the media and in Obama campaigns and on the stump is Trayvon Martin: killer. But if the mainstream media and President Obama are truly concerned about making sure that racism does not take root in America, then they should be calling this man a hero so we can get beyond this racially based violence. I do not want our country to be a country where the good guys shoot the bad guys and the bad guys shoot back. I want people to peacefully coexist and I hope that we do not descend into a society where every week there is a shooting that ends with the death of a person. The mainstream media is a propaganda arm of the government; it is their job to make everyone think the worst of people and to make us hate one another. The best they can do is try to paint George Zimmerman.

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