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You choose to be born on June 22You look at the date and you choose to be born on this date. You are the youngest one, but you are the most powerful. You look at the date and you choose to be born on this date.

The US Justice Department has: Filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city alleging that Fergusons municipal court system violates the Constitution by relying on racial and economic biases to incarcerate black people at higher rates than white people. Applied to it federal oversight of municipal courts in 21 states. Ahead of the July 9th announcement from Attorney General Eric Holder that the federal government will begin collecting and analyzing data that shows how well local laws are working, at least in part Ferguson is already under federal scrutiny. A civil rights group has written to the Justice Department alleging that the city has a deep-seated problem of racial and economic disparities in its courts, including its municipal court. In their letter to the Obama administration, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a civil rights advocacy group based in Washington, says the group has interviewed people in, among other cities, Ferguson, Missouri, and has learned about what its lawyers believe is a troubling trend of racial harassment and discrimination in the citys municipal court system. We have serious concerns that a pattern or practice of discrimination exists whereby Fergusons municipal court relies on race, religion, national origin, and other factors to set the disposition of cases the group wrote. The Lawyers Committees letter says that if true, such practices constitute a pattern or practice of discrimination that violates the Constitutions ban on the discrimination of citizens on the basis of race, including Section 2 of the 14th amendment that guarantees equal protection of the laws. See: DOJs plans to collect data on municipal courts The DOJ is apparently paying a lot of attention to the Ferguson, Missouri municipal court system. This isnt a surprise, when it comes to things like municipal courts, the Obama administration is more interested in making sure theyre not violating federal law by refusing to enforce it. Of course, it would be a lot harder to prove that the DOJ would violate federal law if the DOJ did enforce the civil rights laws against Ferguson, but I suppose the Lawyers Committee is making the case anyway. As Ive said before, one of the things Im doing in my daily life is seeking out opportunities to go to various federal and state buildings, and, yes, state offices as well Its always been a hobby of mine, even when I was working for the IRS. Well, the DOJ is here again, doing their usual thing. Theyre trying to make sure whats happening in municipal courts is the same thats happening in state and federal law, and we dont know how well its working.

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