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You sort down a list of famous people born on April 1st – List, sorted by Popularity, and find that there are several more that should be on the list, or perhaps not on the list at all, as we already know: Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth of England, and Marilyn Monroe are among those who should have been on the list, and they were You scroll to the bottom to see if you find the top 100 most popular names. There are several names that you did not expect to find there such as Aaron, as in Aaron Burr, and James, which you had previously presumed was some obscure Biblical biblical figure. But there is yet another name you find you did not expect to find there and it is not at all what you were hoping for or expected:April. You are a terrible person, for you have destroyed my life. You have no way of knowing that youve just ruined someones life. -Doktor Zoma, Raskolnikovs fatherDo you wish to continue. Sigh, No, just stop and let me get dressed. You go off to a local bar, find a table near the back and sit down. Youve been working all day without much to do; youre just thinking about the list and how youre a bit surprised that you didnt come up with any names for it. After all, youve spent a number of years with the list; you should know which names on the list are popular, which are less so, and which are completely obscure. You continue to sit in the bar, contemplating the list, when a young, red-faced waitress comes up to you. She looks both confused and disappointed when she sees the list. Excuse me, but who put this list here. Dont think so, she says, scratching herself and looking away. The waitress continues to stare at the table in front of her, as if she cant see through the fog of false pretense that the table in front of her is a fraud. Im sorry, but I dont believe you, she finally says, as if giving up.

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