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With that decision you head back to your room, and then go sit on your bed and ponder your decision for a moment. After pondering this decision a few minutes, you decide that it would probably be best to just leave and head home. T really possible, as you need to go to the bathroom, so you decide to just go to the living room and go over to where Alice is sitting. You sit opposite her on the sofa, and then you see her pull out her phone to check the time. Ve been sitting here all fucking day worrying about you. You look a little tired, and your voice is a bit quieter than usual as well. Ve been having a lot of really unpleasant thoughts. Ve got some sort of mental breakdown. M about to start a long story, but I think I just said something completely out of character. S okay, I just need to vent a bit. You do so, as Alice goes on about the issues of her life. The conversation mostly revolves around your usual topics, and Alice usually answers back with a few of her own. You briefly get the impression Alice was always interested in you before she had to deal with your actions earlier today, though you are left a little unsure. Ve really liked you, or at least thought she did. One day you are going to do something like this and wonder how that is supposed to make you feel.

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