Celebrities are often the champions of new fashion trends…

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But the reality is that some of them are a lot older and more retarded than they say. You have always been more into the celebrities that are not actually celebrities, like old rockers and rappers. You are an aging rocker, and thus have less experience in fashion than the younger celebrities. Ve been wearing this jacket to fucking the same place for almost twenty years. M probably the only guy here in town you can get a good deal on a decent set of clothes from as far as the northeast. S really not worth going out of your way like this, I have to be honest. Re serious about buying any clothes, go to the thrift shop and pick out one of those old ladies dresses. Ll be about five bucks and you can get something a little more special than your garden variety t-shirts and jean shorts from the Wal Mart. Ve got enough to go to the thrift shop together. Eventually you and Bob make it to the thrift shop, and the price is just right to meet your standards. The pair of you enter the store and buy some old worn out clothes. T even been washed since they were last worn, let alone worn by a baby. I guess we can talk at my place later.

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