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I know they probably think they are doing a good thing by giving theirselves a little edge by getting into the sexy activity. S going to be less collateral damage from their kids getting involved in all of those other bad things. You might stay though, you may live to fight another day. Maybe you should have stayed in the ghetto, but now youve got a new opinion. You decide to go down another path. A path that has a certain dark energy to it if you hadnt felt this before about the whole gangster phase of your life. You take a shower and get changed a bit. When you arrive home, you take a long look at the place where you spent all your free time, the ghetto. T really bother with cleaning up the buildings or the streets. T really done anything to it since you moved out. All you can think of is your past and your choice in the future. How many more days of life have you left. You leave the bathroom with your head down. You need to think about all of these things if you want things to change. You go to your room, but instead of going into your room, you go to the garage. There are some tools and all of your guns in there. You say, trying to think of something to say.

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