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RWhen this awful terror struck on the morning of Septem, American citizens across the country looked across the nation and knew that we were standing united against evil. When our nation was attacked, we were all affected by it one way or another. I feel its my patriotic duty to pay tribute on this day that will forever be a moment that changed the world forever. On 911, I got up early, put on my uniform and went on a mission to fight terrorism and protect our country. I would not be here today were it not for those I lost on that horrible day. In fact I would not have fought that hard if it had not been for them. America is a nation that believes in the promise of freedom and the American family is a family that will always come first. We will always love and honor those who have served our country. They are an integral part of our lives and the fabric that binds this nation together. I salute you for your service to our great country. On this day in 2001 my twin brother, David and I lost our parents in an act of terrorism. It was an act that changed everything for us and our entire family. We were all very young, but our grief was real and it consumed us. Our mother was a widow at the time and her grief, more than ours, was a direct result of our loss. That is a true testament to the values and character we were taught by our loving and supportive American family. I was honored to have the opportunity to serve in the military, and I know that I am forever grateful for the lives I have been able to save and the opportunities I have enjoyed. And I would like to thank you for all the people I have met in uniform across this great country and the world for your sacrifice, your service and your sacrifices. It is because of you that we can do what we do. -MichelleA few days after 9-11 I found myself watching the news on the television, and there were images of the Twin Towers falling. I remember lying in bed sobbing the whole night. Every day since then I have looked forward to joining my fellow citizens in the fight to keep this country safe against those who would do us harm. When I see images of the tragic events of 9-11 that gave me strength, to see others like myself in pain I can only hope that my sadness is shared. This event has caused me to re-examine my faith and re-assess my views. I am now a follower of Jesus Christ, and while I have always believed in the goodness and love of our country I have also seen how its actions have negatively affected others and I have been troubled with its policies.

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