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You feel your mood lift again as you hear the news. Still, the fact that the news is still coming in from here instead of being more positive makes you feel a little down. There were also rumors about the town getting attacked. It isnt the time of night to go over it on the news. You are going to pay a visit to the local Beauty Shop. You find the Beauty Shop and knock on the door. A young girl with short black hair and a blue dress appears from behind the counter. I wanted to take a look at the new makeup and hair products. It says on the back page of one of the papers about what you are doing. They are good and the packaging says so, but I really want to try this cream, so I was wondering if you would be able to recommend it for me. I wouldnt recommend getting something else since that is the one the people of the town use. You say and point to the shop on your right. Well, it is like, I am a little on the odd side. Wait, you didnt say what year you were born. You say as you walk by her again. Yeah, well it isnt like we are talking about the same year. You say and then see a little girl with a big round head and curly red hair standing in the doorway. You say as you approach the little girl. Well, I mean this old place would be nice to live in when I.

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