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D voice as Emmett voice as Gloomy, voice as Kane. I refuse to sit through this travesty and you will be much disappointed to hear me refuse to sit through a product of this kind. Do not waste my time like you have already. As you prepare to leave this awful place, a hand reaches out to you and you quickly shake it, closing your eyes against the horror before you. Then, when you open them to see who it is, you see yourself walking through a door into a room full of people. There are many of them, all of them dressed in black, all of them smiling and waving at you and your friend. They offer you their hand, which you reach out to shake, as they wave back. As you and your friend walk you both stop, and you both notice each other for the first time and you begin to talk to each other. You take each others hand into yours and begin to walk towards each other, the two of you being surrounded by happy people. And more importantly WHAT am I going to do with my life. His face has grown somewhat sorrowful, and you know that you and he will not be alone forever. The two of you will be faced with some problems together, and you will have to decide what course of action you and your friend will take. Will you decide to act, or will she convince you to stay and find her. You turn your eyes back for a brief moment, but then they return to the world the two of you are in. You have a choice to make as to how you will live your life. You can find a way to find happiness yourself, or you can do what your friend did and get used to the things of this world. You continue to explore this new worldYou enter the first room, which the two of you enter as you open your eyes. There is a table and chairs all set up.

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