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The game is based on the popular Humor board game. Your task is to select a celebrity answer to the questions correctly. The more you answer correctly the higher your score will be. You will also be given the opportunity to meet the celebrities and the panelists to learn more about them. There is no time limit for this game, you may take as much time as you want to get the celebrities answers correct. You select one of the celebrities you like the look of. You try to guess the celebrities name rightYou look to your left and you see the same celebrity staring back at you. You quickly look back to the panel and start to answer the celebrities name. Your heart starts racing as you answer as fast as you can. Do you really want to disappoint them. Who knows you might even be able to convince them of your kindness like you did with the robot you built. You try to think back and think of the last story that you told to your mom and it was a good one, you can probably think up a plausible story for this one. There is also the chance that your answer will be all wrong and you will be in for a surprise. Your mom did love you and she would understand. You guess the right celebrity and get to meet them You pick a celebrity and you get the chance to meet them on set. Ll be sure to be a big help in this game you have set for them. You are not the only one I made a game out of. We have another celebrity at the set right now. With these words your mom runs to her trailer and you see her run back holding your jacket and smiling.

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